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TensorFlow for .NET enables creation, training, and using machine learning models with the full power of TensorFlow API on C#, F# or any other .NET language.

NEW!  Pay-As-You-Go offer: use anywhere, get billed through your Azure Subscription, pay only when you use it.

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via your Azure Subscription*
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Use & tune TensorFlow models
Create new models with low-level API
Create new models with high-level API
TensorBoard integration
Dataset manipulation via
Free Tier small business only* $20/month credit* by request
Commercial usesmall business only*
Commercial support
Redistribution * custom agreement
Price $0 20% of hardware + fees*
Per-hour billing
* Pay-As-You-Go offer can be used on your own infrastructure. Azure Subscription is only used for billing. Requires Internet access. * To purchase Pay-As-You-Go offer you must have an Owner role on you Azure Subscription. * Pay-As-You-Go is billed per hour. The price is tied to 20% of the price of renting host hardware (or similar) in Azure cloud plus taxes and Azure fees. * Pay-As-You-Go bills for usage as long as the Software is running, even when it is idle. To avoid incurring costs, you should stop the Software, when it is not being used. * Small Business is defined as a business, that has under $5M/year turnover and under $1M/year profit. * Pay-As-You-Go monthly credit is enough for approximately 200 hours of training on a single Tesla K80 accelerator (hardware not included). * When redistributing LostTech.TensorFlow to 3rd parties under Pay-As-You-Go, the copies must also use Pay-As-You-Go plan, unless a custom agreement is made with Lost Tech LLC.